Active in the districts-developing the resources | open meeting

We would like to cordially invite all individuals working towards the integration and development of local communities at Lubartowska, Bernardyńska, Zamojska and Żmigród streets for a meeting that will take place on 22 March 2016 between 13:30-16:00 at Bernardyńska 11 Studio run by Workshops of Culture in Lublin.

Many institutions, organizations and informal groups carry out project and systematic cultural, social, ecological or educational activities in the area. We have very few opportunities to exchange information, strengthen or activities or plan cooperation. Open Territory Foundation and Workshops of Culture in Lublin want to collect experiences of every institution, organization, neighbor groups and gather information about resources, strong points of the community in those areas and about possibilities of engaging in joint activities.

The meeting will be the first step in our research project that we hope will be co-created and carried out jointly with anyone who is interested. From April to June students, leaders of local communities, active residents will make a map of resources and needs of those places; the map will become the foundation for the activities of our communities.

The project is co-funded by the City Council of Lublin within the project Districts of Culture and is an integral component of the Lublin Development  Strategy2013-2020  as well as the Poland-wide idea of revitalization of cities coordinated by the National Centre for Culture within Culture Centre+ Local Initiatives.

We would really like to see you there because you know those places, you can help us find those individuals who are active and can motivate others to activity for the benefit of the neighborhood. We would like to encourage you to invite coworkers, neighbours, people who know what these places need and what resources they have.

Let’s work TOGETHER for Lubartowska, Bernardyńska, Zamojska and Żmigród streets!

The project is financed by the National Centre of Culture within the framework of Culture Centre + Local Initiative 2016 programme. The project is co-funded by the City of Lublin