The Other Side of Hope | Miasto Movie

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Aki Kusimaki, a film maker bestowed with incredible sensitivity and original style has been featured in Miasto Movie several times so far. For the end of year, we recommend his newest work, a completely absurd dramedy “On the other side of hope”. Contemporary Helsinki is the stage of an encounter between restaurant start-up Vikstrom and Khaled- the sonf of a Syrian refugee from Aleppo who is looking for a better, safer life in Europe. The clash of two worlds and culture leads to unusual situtions and requires the protagonists to redefine their values. The key to interpreting the story is perhaps the full title, “The other side of Hope”. Hope is one of the main driving forces behind the actions of the protagonists. It is frequently sorely tested but also gives hope, motivation and even moments of happiness.  

When: 20 December 2017, 19:00
Where: Workshops of Culture, auditorium, Grodzka 5a (2nd floor)
Free admission

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