The editorial board of Kultura Enter magazine organizes cyclical meetings focused on current topics of public debate in Ukraine and Belarus.

Meetings we had so far:

Kultura Enter Meeting no 14: Presentation of Oleksandr Irvanec Liebenkraft’s Disease
27 April 2014

Liebenkraft’s Diease  is a novel stylized as “alternative history”, in which the reader will undoubtedly find unusual twists in the narrative and an unexpected ending of this fictionalized metaphor. The eponymous disease that wreaks havoc in the imaginary world depicted in the book is a form of epidemic whose origins, consequences and – to a degree – symptoms are all unknown. The novel by Oleksandr Irvanec is a grotesque hyperbole of the transforming Ukrainian reality.

Kultura  Enter Meeting no 13 The Report about the state of culture in Georgia /connecting with the UE  

21 December 2013

What is the condition of Georgian culture? How do alternative communities function?  What would Georgians like to change and how can they achieve this?  Also, what new possibilities will be created by signing association contract with the EU?. Finally, what does Georgia have to offer Europe in terms of culture and art, aside from wine and toasts? During the meeting with Georgian experts  we will diagnose the situation of Georgian cultural sector and NGOs. 

Kultura Enter Meetings no 12 – The right to the city

12 December 2013

A meeting  focused on publications discussing urban democracy, participation in spatial planning as well as social and cultural phenomenon of “urbanity”: “Anty-Bezradnik przestrzenny” Lech Mergler (“Prawo do Miasta” Association, Poznań)  and  “Kultura Enter. Koncepty miejskie” Grzegorz Kondrasiuk (“Kultura Enter”, Lublin). 

Kultura Enter Meetings no 11  – Promotion of Oksana Zabuhzko’s  book “Ukrainian palimpsest”  

21 November  2013

The meeting called “Ukraine: between contemporary literaturę and politics”  combined with the promotion of Oksana Zabuhzko’s book “The Ukrainian palimpsest”. Zabuhzko is in a conversation with Iza Chruślińska with a foreword by Adam Michnik. The protagonist of the evening, Oksana Zabuhzko is the co-author of “The Report on the state of culture and NGOs in Ukraine”, published in a special issue of Kultura Enter. 

Kultura Enter Meeting no 10  City/Culture/Dialogue

16 April 2013

A discussion with researchers from the Lublin Culture Observatory, the authors of the report “Culture (in) Dialogue. Institutional framework for culture in Lublin”. The publication was created as part of the project financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the City Council of Lublin. On the basis of  studies conducted in 2012 by a team of sociologists and political experts from the Catholic University of Lublin and MCSU among the representatives of Lublin public institutions and ngos,  they have developed a diagnosis of cultural policies in Lublin and its socio-cultural capital. At the same time it is the first attempt to summarize the state of  culture and Lublin and the evaluation of its perspectives  since the  competition for the European Capital of Culture 2016. 

Kultura Enter Meetings no 9 – “Belarusian art – guerilla strategy”

19 June 2012

Kultura Enter’s guests were Artur Klinau – “Partizan” (Minsk),  Tatiana Artimovich – “Partizan” (Minks), Paweł Laufer – Kultura enter (Lublin). The meeting focused on the activity of art and artists in Belarus.  Moreover, we have discussed  the results of joint projects realized by “Kultura enter’ and ‘Partizan”:  the report on the state of independent culture and NGOs in Belarus” and “ “Kultura enter- Partizan.  Three issues of  combined Kultura Enter/ Partizan”.

Kultura Enter Meetings no 8 – Belarus- artists are still here 

22 September 2011

The first part of the meeting was a press conference of  Solidarity with Belarus office that aimed to present the current situation in Belarus. The conference guests included: Tatiana Niadbay – Solidarity with Belarus (Warsaw), Paweł Laufer- Kultura Enter (Lublin), Maksim Zhbankou (Minsk), Ales Pushkin (Bobr, Belarus), Sievaryn Kviatkovsky – (Minsk). 

The objective of Solidarity with Belarus is to be an informational bridge between Belarus and other countries, keeping Belarus at the center of attention. Another objective of Solidarity with Belarus is also providing Belarusian society with information on international events concerning Belarus. 

The essence of the second part of the meeting was a discussion with repressed Belarusian artiststs.  Guests included: Maksim Zhbankou (Minsk), Ales  Pushkin (Bobr, Belarus), Sievaryn Kviatkovsky – (Minsk)

Moderators: Tatiana Niadbay – Solidarity with Belarus (Warsaw)

Kultura Enter Meetings no 7 –  film screening “Golden September. The Galician Chronicles 1939-1941”

25 March 2011

The meeting consisted of the film screening and a discussion on “The perspectives of development of Ukrainian cinematography”

Invited guests: Taras Khymych  (Invert Pictures, Lviv)  and Yuryi Khnatovski (A-Z Art, Lviv) 

Moderator:  Łukasz Jasina.

Kultura Enter Meeting no 6 – “Ryabchuk in Metternich’s Garden – a walk across Europe:’

19 October 2010

The point of departure for the discussion on European identity was the newest book by Mykola Ryabchuk entiltled “Metternich’s Garden”.   

The book “Metternich’s Garden”consists of essays written in the years 1995-2008. Their main topic is broadly defined “European Ukraine”.   The essays are Ryabchuk’s interpretation of Ukraine’s European identity. They highlight  moral aspects of contemporary politics and economics. The eponymous garden is the symbol of Europe-  a place open to everyone wishing to discover its culture, history, values and experiences.

Moderator:  hab dr Hubert Łaszkiewicz –  the head of the department of the History of Eastern Eropean at the Catholic University of Lublin

Kultura enter Meeting no 5 –  Ukrainian Zriz-  Ukrainian  profile

The meeting was part of the exhibition “Ukrainian Zriz (Ukrainian Profile), a review of contemporary Ukrainian art. The exhibiton showed the Polish addresse an overview of trends, problems and forms of Ukrainian contemporary art in the selection of the curator Vlodko Kaufman

Participants:  Paulina Zarębska, Vlodko Kaufman, Piotr Majewski, Grzegorz  Józefczuk, Grzegorz Kondrasiuk, Wolodymyr Topyi, Waldemar Tatarczuk, Sylwia Hejno, Małgorzata Kitowska- Łysiak, Grzegorz Rzepecki,  Oleksiy Khoroshko, Andrzej Molik, Maria Artemiuk, Magda Linkowska.

Kultura Enter Meeting no 4-  focused on Artur Klinau’s book “Minsk. A guide around the city of Sun”,   presentation of the magazine “pARTisan” (Minsk)

28 May 2010

Artur Klinau –  Belarusian writer, architect, performer, photographer,  editor of the art magazine “pARtisam”- author of  the book “Minsk. A guide aroind the City of Sun” published recently by  Wydawnictwo Czarne.

Moderator: Irina Lappo (MCSU).

Promotion of the 80 issue of “Kresy” quarterly magazine and a meeting “Twenty years of Kresy.  Non-jubilee thinking”

10 February 2010

The programme of the meeting included  Agata Koss’ interview with the editors of the magazine, a  screening of  Tadeusz Żukowski’s documentary film “Nowe Kresy?”/ New Kresy?, presentation of poetry and prose by  writers for “Kresy”:“ Generational Settling of Accounts for 20th anniversary? 

The literary quarterly “Kresy” was founded in 1989 by  young  academic staff at the Faculty of Polish Studies at MCSU. Later, they were joined by the academic staff and graduates of Polish studies and the history of art at the Catholic University of Lublin.  From the start, the selection of writers and topics was marked with typical intergenerationality and a sort of balance between established literary phenomena and new  appearances. Over 20 years, the quarterly had 20 issues published.

Kultura Enter meeting no 3 – Ukrainian Choice and Ukrainian choices: what to  expect and what not?  

7 January 2010

A debate preceding the presidential elections in Ukraine

Participants:  Mykola Ryabchuk (Krytyka, Kiyv), Tomasz Kapuśniak ( Institute of Eastern Europe, Lublin)

Moderator: Paweł Laufer (Kultura Enter, Lublin)

Kultura Enter meeting no 2 – Good totalitarianism, bad totalitarianism”

22 October 2009

About two totalitarianism, two memories and two evaluations

A meeting combined  with the promotion of 14th issue of Ukraina Moderna “Marxism in Eastern Europe”

Participants: Andriy Portnov – Ukraina Moderna,  editor in chief  (Kiyv), Volodymyr Masliychuk – Ukraina Moderna, co-editor (Kharkiv), Andrzej Gil – Institute of  Central Eastern Europe (Lublin)

Moderator:  Paweł Laufer (Kultura Enter, Lublin).

Kultura Enter meeting no 1 – “The problem of freedom is a metaphysical problem. About the situation of young artists and wriiters in Belarus”

Participants: Krystina Smolskaya ( The centre of Belarusian Drama and Directing), Alexey Strelnikau (Belarusian Gazette),  Kaciaryna Avierkava.

Culture Salon Inaugural meeting – “History questions- unsolved problems in the history of Ukraine”

18  February 2009

The meeting was dedicated to the promotion of 13th issue of the Ukrainian six-monthly  “Ukraina Moderna” and the  introduction of the community centred around it. 

Participants:  Andriy Portnov – Ukraina Moderna,  editor-in-chief (Kiyv), Volodymyr Masliychuk – Ukraina Moderna, co-editor(kharkiv), Andrzej Gil –  Institute of Central Eastern Europe (Lublin) 

Moderator: Paweł Laufer (Kultura Enter, Lublin).