Our Offices

Where are we? 

Grodzka 7 is home to:

  • Main Office, Director’s Office
  • Accounting Department 
  • Administrative Department 
  • Communications and Marketing Department 
  • Culture Education and Animation Department – Night of Culture Team and the team responsible for Districts of Culture and Practical Meetings, Art Lessons, Community Arts Lab and Winter DIY Workshops. 

Grodzka 5a is home to: 

  • Traditional Culture Department – the Jagiellonian Fair Team 
  • Ludic Culture and Art Department – Carnaval Sztukmistrzów Team 
  • Contemporary Culture Department – Teams reponsible for Different Sounds, Miasto Movie, The Magic Lantern, Culture Volunteer, Culture Incubator, Patterns of Europe, MediaLab and Book it! 
  • Editorial Office – Kultura Enter magazine 
  • Operations and Logistics Department 

Kowalska 3/ The Hartwig Alley  

  • Photography Studio