• Miasto Movie in February

    Topic #24 Fantasy City Filmmaking as an art which tells interesting, immersive stories quite naturally relies on fantasy. Cinema can take us to incredible places, fantastical realms and gives us a chance to share fantastic adventures togeth...
  • Hańba’s concert has been moved!

    Due to national mourning following the death of Jan Olszewski, the date of the concert has been moved to 28.02. If you have bought tickets bvut can’t come to the concert on its new date, please let us know via direct message on Facebo...
  • Four events which transform the city beyond recognition! Save the dates of Lublin festivals 2019

    Even someone who walks the streets of the Old Town on the way to work every day is likely to be surprised during those brief moments in the city’s life. The four largest Lublin festivals: Night of Culture, East of Culture – Different So...
  • Workshops of Culture have partnered up with CircusNext Platform

    Carnaval Sztukmistrzów (Workshops of Culture in Lublin) have partnered up with the international platform Circus Next. It means that  contemporary circus artists from Poland can now take part in the next edition of the proje...



  • Fantastic Voyage

    time: 17.11.2019 godz. 11.00-13.00

    venue: Warsztaty Kultury - Workshops of Culture

  • Hańba! | Different Sounds Zone

    time: 28.02.2019 godz. 19.00-21.00

    venue: Workshops of Culture - Warsztaty Kultury

  • Faces of children

    time: 20.10.2019 godz. 11.00-13.00

    venue: Warsztaty Kultury - Workshops of Culture

  • Inside Out

    time: 22.09.2019 godz. 11.00-13.00

    venue: Warsztaty Kultury - Workshops of Culture


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