• CityTender: Dreaming of a city with teddies

    There are many stories about the creation of the first teddy bear, some quite macabre. One thing is certain: making such toys is art! Join us for a unique workshop during which every participant will create one’s own movable tedd...
  • Dołącz do Działu Komunikacji i Marketingu Warsztatów Kultury

    Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie poszukują pracownika do Działu Komunikacji i Marketingu na stanowisko PR manager. Kim jesteśmy: Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie są organizatorem czterech największych lubelskich festiwali plenerowych: Nocy Kul...
  • Culture Volunteer 2020 | Recruitment

    Team memebers at Workshops of Culture need no convincing why the help of volunteers is invaluable. Find out why it’s worthwhile to start this adventure! We are launching another recruitment to the Culture Volunteer programme.
  • Canadian basketry – a basketry workshop inspired by Canadian traditions

    Workshops of Culture in Lublin would like to invite you for a workshop conducted by Fundacja Global Basketmakers. The workshop is inspired by Canadian basket-making traditions and is addressed to fans of crafts and extraordinary design.&nbs...



  • Open Call for Night of Culture Projects

    time: 19.11.2019 - 10.01.2021


  • CityTender: Children in the city

    time: 03.03.2020 godz. 18.00-19.30

    venue: Warsztaty Kultury - Workshops of Culture

  • CityTender: what’s a historical monument?

    time: 31.03.2020 godz. 18.00-19.30

    venue: Warsztaty Kultury - Workshops of Culture


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Ministry of Culture and National Heritage