• Opla | Different Sounds Zone

    Join us for a concert of traditional music in extraordinary experimental arrangements.
  • Unique Items Market | Christmas edition

    The December iteration of Unique Items Market marks the third edition of the Lublin designer’s fair organised by Workshops of Culture in Lublin. The event is dedicated to the work of Lublin-based designers whose products will be avail...
  • Czereśnie – concert | Little Different Sounds

    Imagine songs talking about the most important matters: protecting the environment, taking care of one’s health, love for family, respecting diversity. They are addressed to children but avoid infantilization. Imagine a band for children ...
  • Mirt | Different Sounds Zone

    In November, Different Sounds Zones presents a solid dose of electronic music courtesy of Mirt. On Friday evening at Workshops of Culture, we will have an opportunity to hear songs from his latest album “Greed”. Still, older c...



  • Photography Studio from 100 years ago

    time: 21.11.2019 godz. 16.30-17.30

    venue: Photography Studio in the Hartwig Alley

  • Money train | Miasto Movie

    time: 27.11.2019 godz. 19.00-21.00

    venue: Warsztaty Kultury - Workshops of Culture

  • Cat in Paris

    time: 08.12.2019 godz. 11.00-13.00

    venue: Warsztaty Kultury - Workshops of Culture

  • 8mm | Miasto Movie

    time: 20.11.2019 godz. 19.00-21.00

    venue: Warsztaty Kultury - Workshops of Culture


Different Sounds Art’n’Music Festival


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