Accessibility – Grodzka 5a office

Workshops of Culture are located at ul. Grodzka 5a and 7 inside historical buildings that are not fully accessible to persons with disabilities.  Our website describes the accessibility of the building, including vital passageways.  We are happy to assist any disabled wishing to visit us despite the difficulties. Our team has been trained in basic assistance for disabled persons.

 The closest parking area for persons with disabilities is in front of the Cathedral, about 300 metres away from the offices of Workshops of Culture. For more information about parking spaces in the area, please visit The streets of the Old Town are cobblestone-covered, therefore covering the distance from the parking lot to the building may require assistance.

See below for photographs showing the building and interior passages leading from the main entrance to the auditorium located on the second floor.  Anyone in need of assistance in climbing the stairs or in need of any additional information concerning the accessibility of our building,  should e-mail us at or call us at 81 533 08 18