Roman Krawczenko

Photography Workshop

Born in 1957, photographer, historian, journalist. He is one of few artists in Poland practising the art of ambrotype, a unique 19th-century technique of printing photographs on glass. The ambrotype is an elite technique practised only by about 100 artists around the world. Kravchenko’s ambrotypes are magical depictions of contemporary Poland and Poles. His exhibitions and workshops in Poland and Ukraine attract many young photographers and his artistic oeuvre is valued by photographers and collectors around the world. Working in Poland over the last few years, Mr Kravchenko has developed his own photographic practices and, most importantly, passed his knowledge and skills on to young Polish photographers. This is why it is no exaggeration to say that he has created a new school of ambrotype photography in Poland. Moreover, as a resident of Crimea, Mr Kravchenko was an informal ambassador of the Polish culture.He organised an exhibition dedicated to Adam Mickiewicz and the Crimean Sonnets in Bakhchysarai and ran numerous plain air workshops for Polish photographers.