Piotr Zieniuk

Head of  Operations Department

Cultural animator and manager, co-founder of Workshops of Culture, Head of Operations Department.  For 7 years, he worked as a programme director at MCSU Academic Culture Centre “Chatka Żaka”. The founder and chief editor of the literary quarterly “Ponadto” and the Academic Cultural Monthly “Spinacz”. For many years, he has been cooperating with non-governmental institutions (for example Independent Student Association, Rozstaje Europy Association, Festival Bruno Schulz Association, MCSU Foundation, Transkultura Foundation). Currently, he is the chairman of Kultura Enter Foundation. The author and coordinator of various cultural and social projects (e.g. Ogrody Piosenek Festival, Planeta Lublin, International Days of Documentary Film “Rozstaje Europy”, Let’s meet: different is not foreign, the Jagiellonian Fair). He was a member of Culture 2020 responsible for preparing Lublin’s final application for the ECC 2016 competition (“social communication and promotion” team). In his work, he masterfully combines artistic vision and pragmatism. In 2008, he received the artistic award of the City of Lublin for his animation activity.