Different Sounds Zone in December

Different Sounds Zone ends 2019 with three concerts. The first will be given by Ukryte Zalety Systemu – a Wrocław-based band playing post-punk and new wave relasing albums in the iconic label Antena Krzyku. The next meeting is a doub...


Exhibitors for the December Unique Items Market revealed

We have finished the call for exhibitors for the December Unique Items Market. Who will you meet on 15 December? Check the list below!  Unique Items Market | Christmas Edition The list of Exhibitors:  Lui – Luiza Zaporowska / ba...


Miasto Movie in December | Programme

In December, Miasto Movie takes us below the surface of large cities to a world hidden from most people. When we think about modern metropolises, we usually think about what’s visible on the outside — images of beautiful architectur...


Personal Dimension of Music, or how to find more pleasure in listening | Workshops

What’s the difference between hearing and listening to music. What is sound perception, and what aspects should we consider when we want to be an aware music lover? What to spend more time on: listening to music or looking for the perfect...


Open Call for Night of Culture projects

14th Night of Culture will take place on the night of 6/7 June 2020. We have just launched an open call for projects. Workshops of Culture in Lublin invite everyone interested – individual residents of Lublin (also the underage), companie...


Opla | Different Sounds Zone

Join us for a concert of traditional music in extraordinary experimental arrangements.


Unique Items Market | Christmas edition

The December iteration of Unique Items Market marks the third edition of the Lublin designer’s fair organised by Workshops of Culture in Lublin. We dedicate this event to the work of Lublin-based designers whose products will be avai...


Czereśnie – concert | Little Different Sounds

Imagine songs talking about the most important matters: protecting the environment, taking care of one’s health, love for family, respecting diversity. They are addressed to children but avoid infantilization. Imagine a band for children ...


Mirt | Different Sounds Zone

In November, Different Sounds Zones presents a solid dose of electronic music courtesy of Mirt. On Friday evening at Workshops of Culture, we will have an opportunity to hear songs from his latest album “Greed”. Still, older c...


A dance party in autumn!

We’ve got great news for everyone who longs for the summer dance parties at The Jagiellonian Fair. On Saturday, 16 November we will have an opportunity to listen and dance to the tunes that traditionally open each night of dancing at the ...


Miasto Movie in November

Theme 26 /// Underground City  The autumn Miasto Movie takes us below the surface of large cities, to a world hidden from most people. When we think about modern metropolises, we usually think about what’s visible on the outside — ...


PLECIEMY! / WE WEAVE! – the opening of Stowarzyszenie Serfenta’s exhibition.

Join us for the opening of the exhibition PLECIEMY! / WE WEAVE! combined with a presentation of weaving. The exhibition presents basketry in the context of good design, the use of natural materials, reusing, zero waste, contempora...