A Poet in the Small Centre of the World – a meeting with Krzysztof Czyżewski | Kultura Enter

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When: 21 October 2018, 17.00
Where: Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, 1 Teatralny square
Free admission

“A poet in the small center of the world” – a meeting with Krzysztof Czyżewskie, a promotion of his latest books: “Żegaryszki” (poetry/ photography) and “A small center of the world.Notes of the Practitioner of Ideas” (essay).

Moderators: Aleksandra Zińczuk, dr Łukasz Marcińczak.


You will be able to buy the Author’s books at the panel.

Krzysztof Czyżewski (b. 6 July 1958 in Warsaw)  – culture animator, poet, essayist, the co-founder of the Centre “Borderland of Arts, Cultures and Nations” in Sejny and of the Borderland Foundation, editor. In 1994, he founded the magazine “Krasnogruda” and became its editor in chief. The chief editor of “Almanach Sejneński”. In “Pigranicze”, he is the editor of the series “Meridian” and “Sąsiedzi”. As an essayist, he collaborated with the Paris  Kultura” until its end. His essays appear in Polish press (including “Tygodnik Powszechny”, “Konteksty”, “Znak”) as well as  foreign press.  The recipient of many awards and distinctions, including Ambassador of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (2008); Jerzy Giedroyc Prize which he received together with the “Borderlands” team (2008);  the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (2010); Józef Tischner Award (2018). Author of several essay collections (“The path of the borderland”, “The Line of Return. Notes from the Borderland”, Miłosz. A connective tissue”, and many others), books of poetry. He’s also co-authored textbooks.  Along with the “Borderlands” team he created and carried out such programmes as: “the Centre for Documentation of Borderland Cultures”, The Borderland School, Open Regions of Central and Eastern Europe, Central European Culture Forum, The Man of Borderland, “New Agora” Itinerant Academy , Intercultural Dialogue in the Caucasus and Central Asia, Eastern Partnership Dialogue Academy. Together with “Borderlands” team he established the International Center for Dialogue in Czesław Miłosz’ family home in Krasnogruda on the Polish-Lithuanian border. He runs the international flying  literary café “Café Europa”. Its meetings that combine poetry readings with music and discussions have taken place in such cities as Sarajevo, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Warsaw, Barcelona and New York.

“Żegaryszki” is a constellation of 78 poetic epiphanies in dialogue with photographs, staged for four seasons. Its topography includes meadows, wilds, animal retreats and human sanctuaries, trails and lakes between the villages of Żegary, Krasnogruda and Dusznica on the Polish-Lithuanian border. The book refers to the old Japanese haiga combining haiku with images.