Duży Jack and Xenony | Different Sounds Zone

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In December, join us for a gig featuring two bands:  Duży Jack and Xenony

When:  15 December 2016 (Thursday),  19:00

Where: Workshops of Culture, 5a Grodzka Street –  auditorium, 2nd floor. The event is free


Duży Jack

The band was put together  in 2011 for a gig featuring the covers of Starzy Singers and years later released an album with their own compositions, completely different music and in a slightly changed line-up. The members are:  Paweł „Bebech” Górski (Xenony)  playing the baritone guitar and Tomasz Dubiel the drummer. These two were later joined by the guitarist Piotrek Bukowki (Xenony, Hokei)  and the vocalist Łukasz Jędrzejczak (T’ien Lai, Alameda 5). Duży Jack is a Frankenstein-like band:  each member draws inspiration from a different source. That’s why their new album “Uczucia” (released by Lado ABC) evokes many associations- starting from Shellac and NoMeansNo, through Refused and Dead Kennedys and Stereolab.


  • Tomasz Dubiel – drums
  • Paweł Bebech Górski – baritone guitar
  • Piotr Bukowski – guitar, synthesizer
  • Łukasz Jędrzejczak – vocal


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The only band to combine synthesizer sounds with advanced knowledge about vectors and integrals in such an uncompromising way. They can be modern, they can be melancholy and they strive to be  entertaining. And they are most definitely super cool.

After the excellent album “XE” released in 2014 (Lado ABC abc A/13, MA14), XENOMY has ventured on a different course. That course is space. On the tour in autumn, the band will present new tracks from the upcoming album „Polished Space Program” –  that will have its premiere in spring 2017.


  •  Bukowski (Hokei, Duży Jack) – synths
  • Koszniec Karol (Komora A) – synths
  • Bebech (Duży Jack) – synths


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Different Sounds Zone is a year-round cycle of concerts featuring original performers, most interesting independent record labels and a variety of musical genres and their arresting combinations. This cycle is a continuation of the summer festival East of Culture- Different Sounds. and allows us to abandon musical routine and experience new sounds.

In December 2015 DSZ partnered with the Kaiser Söze Foundation