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October in Different Sounds Zone brings JAAA!

“Remik” is an album that Marek Karolczyk, Kamil Pater and Miron Grzegorkiewicz  have worked on for three years. It is a nearly hour-long tale about a boy who escapes the real, grim world and creates his own, safer reality. In this self-made world, the alienated Remik  is not lonely anymore. He has a friend and defender called  Bujillo.  Together, they are untouchable. Together, they journey across new worlds.

JAAA!’ s music can be  defined as  a trance flight to the land of imagination. Sounds are tools for building stories with emotion. In the time of singles and easy playlists, their conceptual album is a true gem for the fans of Thomas Yorke. Moderat or Atoms For Peace whose influence, according to many journalists is very discernible in JAAA!’s work. The artists themselves avoid any comparisons, letting the music speak for itself

JAAA’s concerts are also unforgettable. Every concert is different because the musicians improvise using different synthesizers and samples they have previously recorded, often outside the studio (field recording).  JAAA’s gigs are accompanied by unique animations by Karolina Głusiec. Emotional music and the imagery inspired by it transport the listeners to an entirely different realm.

All  musicians have been working in the business for years:  Marek Karolczyk and Robert Piernikowski form Napszykłat, Kamil Pater was a member of Contemporary Noise Quartet, and Miron Grzegorkiewicz was a part of such projects as Daktari and How How .

It has been a while since I  listened to an album that can be described in so many dfferent ways and everything that is said escapes typical thinking and that is phenomenal.

Agnieszka Szydłowska, Trojka (Polish Radio Three)

One of the best albums of the year. A mature, original debut, bravely doing away with genre barriers and the emotions of the listeners.

Jarek Szubrycht, Gazeta Magnetofonowa


When: 28 October  2016

Where: Workshops of Culture, 5a Grodzka Street

The event is free








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