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Different Sounds Zone in November will bring you a gig by Resina.

Karolina Rec who performs under the stage name Resina is the first Polish musician to have ever signed, at the beginning of this year, a contract with the legendary British label FatCatRecords, and specifically with its post-classic branch, “130701″. For the past 10 years, Karolina has been associated with the Polish independent scene co-forming bands  with such performers as Maciek Cieślak, Michał Biela  or Natalia Fiedorczuk.

Resina’s debut album was released on 30.09.2016. It is the result of experiments combining cello and simple electronic instruments. It means that sometimes the tracks are almost songs and sometimes they become more elaborate, intuitive impressions. What links all composition is the desire to learn and explore all non-obvious functions of the instrument.

Fat Cat Records is famous for discovering many important contemporary alternative artists  (such as Animal Collective, Múm or Sigur Rós). Through calling to life the sublabel 130701 they became unofficial originators of the so-called post-classical trend in contemporary alternative/instrumental music. In July 2016, 130701 celebrated  their 15th anniversary and to celebrate they released a unique compilation featuring all 11 (current and former) artists associated with the label. Aside from compositions by such masters of instrumental music as Max Richter or Johann Johannssson, it also featured Resina’s piece.

When: 25 November 2016 (Friday), : 20:00

Where:  Workshops of Culture, 5a Grodzka Street – auditorium, 2nd floor

the event is free

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 Resina in the press:

Benjamin Scheim  in his Pitchfork review picked a few “significant” and  “noteworthy” artists featured on the album “ „Eleven into Fifteen: a 130701 Compilation”,   naming Resina alongside  Dustin O’Hallorana, Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Ian William Craig, Set Fire to Flames and Sylvain Chauveau.

“An astounding headline set came next from 130701’s newest signing, Resina. The Polish cellist sat on her own in the middle of the stage, armed only with her cello, an effects box and a looping peddle, and immediately began to mesmerise the room with her unique talent… Resina’s unbelievable knack of transporting you to an alternative universe, with each song visiting a different world or life for the listeners’ consciousness to explore, is miraculous and unparalleled.. an utterly absorbing performance.”

“Sitting seamlessly alongside the likes of Max Richer, Hauschka, Dustin O’Halloran and Johann Johannsson is no mean feat. In fact Resina adds a level which even those guys don’t reach. Her compositions contain an essence of humanity which is unlike almost all music… utterly captivating.”

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