TonqiXod & The Glitchhh (Belarus) | Different Sounds Zone

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Different Sounds Zone will end November on a strong guitar note at a double concert of performers from Minsk – – TonqiXod and The Glitchhh.

When:  24 November 2017 (Friday), 19:00

Where: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a – auditorium, 2nd floor

Admission free


TonqiXod  is a trio that play a fusion of post-punk, progressive rock and indie. The band’s prinicpal instruments are drums, guitar and keyboard plus vocals and original Belarusian lyrics. Since 2014 TonquiXod have given dozens of concerts and won a number of awards, including  the best Belarussian album of 2015 and the best band at Basóvišča festival (Poland) in the same year. 
TonqiXod online: facebook, youtube


The Glitchhh,  another trio from Minsk, focus on contemporary instrumental music. They mix shoegaze and noise with blues post-rock and metal. The range and scale of inspirations they draw from is huge. The Glitchhh try to take a bit from everything whilst polishing their own sounds, exploring classic rock instrument sets, namely the guitar, drums ans bass.
The Glitchhh online: facebook, youtube.


Different Sounds Zone is a cycle of concerts featuring original performers, most interesting independent record labels and a variety of music genres and their arresting combinations. This cycle is a continuation of the summer festival East of Culture- Different Sounds and allows us to abandon musical routine and experience new sounds. In December 2015, DSZ partnered with the Kaiser Söze Foundation.