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While creating the Grodzka 5 project we were inspired by other, similar projects. In 2006 an exhibition entitled „Architektura intymna, architektura porzucona” („Intimate architecture, abandoned architecture”) was organized by the Kronika Modern Art Center (curators: Katarzyna Burza, Małgorzata Kozioł). We recommend the book published after the project! In it, Sebastian Cichocki writes:

The starting point was the history of a single building at 25 Rynek in Bytom. Right now it is the headquarters of the Kronika, among others […]. Before the war, the building was the property of Cohns, a family of Jewish merchants. Their history, that was abruptly lost during the chaos of World War II, became the basis for the 2006 exhibition “Intimate architecture, abandoned architecture”. This book is a continuation of the research conducted for the project. It constitutes a shift of focus: from the drive to constructing futuristic models that is so characteristic of modern art institutions – to a reflection on the historical foundations and the act of placing in a local continuum of memory and imagination. The project is an excess of a kind, an excess of remembering, an exercise in imagination and the act of reviving of “the silent” transcribed in architecture and objects.


A discussion between the curators and Sebastian Cichocki / Ultramaryna


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