Business Partnerships

We would like to invite you to become our partner.  

Workshops of Culture is a place, a team  and events that establish new quality in cultural activity. We are the “heart and soul” of all open and noncommercial events in Lublin and offer practical training for budding cultural entrepreneurs.

The variety and range of our projects allows us to implement the most original and innovative forms of promotion of the Sponsor. When we enter into a partnership, you and us jointly create a plan of action  that fits the needs and budget of  your Company.

Cooperation within the framework of cultural projects offers a chance to go beyond traditional advertising and an opportunity to stand out from rivals. It is an investment contributing towards building a brand image that presents your company as socially responsible, innovative and close to people.

Take some time to consider the many advatanges of getting involved in cultural activity. 

Grzegorz Rzepecki
Director, Workshops of Culture  



Anna Grzesiak

Marketing and Communications Department
Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a, 20-112 Lublin
tel: 81 533 08 18
mobile: 668 203 760