International Cooperation

Since the beginning of the Workshops of Culture, international cooperation has been right at the very centre of the institution’s development strategy. For a number of years we have been aiming to work out methods of partnership, in particular, with our affiliates, associates and partners from Eastern Europe. We have carried out over a dozen of projects of international cooperation with our Ukrainian partners. Furthermore, since joining Trans Europe Halles – the European cultural network, we have been conducting projects and organizing events with partners inside the EU as well.

Our international cooperation is multilayered: among others we work closely with our partners in neighbouring Ukraine and Byelorussia (this is our contribution to cultural politics in the border region) and are equally engaged in international trans-European networks, collaborating with regions and cities/towns. The effects of these multinational activities are instantly palpable and sustainable: Lublin’s artists, cultural producers and managers of culture have already participated in numerous international projects, taken part in exchanges, contributed to educational projects and internet platforms. All these activities combined have enriched the already fertile ground of Lublin’s culture

The main objectives of the Workshops of Culture’s International Cooperation Strategy include:

  • Creation new partnerships and fostering established relations within the EU and the Eastern Partnership
  • Accession of the Workshops of Culture into cultural networks
  • Enabling and implementing mobility programmes that include artists, managers of culture and volunteers
  • creation and implementation of new cooperation-based cultural projects that aim to create a shared cultural  space
  • positioning and optimising the Workshops of Culture on the European cultural circuit
  • creation and implementation of strategies of international promotion