Lublin Theatre  Magazine „Proscenium” is edited by  students of high schools and colleges as well as their graduates.  Its founder and chief editor is a journalist and theatre critic Bartłomiej Miernik. It is a place where young critics gain their first journalistic experiences and broaden their knowledge about art, culture and working in the media.

The free magazine  is  published every month by Workshops of Culture.  The first issue was printed in March 2015. The current circulation is about 800 copies. “Proscenium” features reviews of recent plays  staged in Lublin theatres, interviews with  artists, feuilletons and other articles  about  theatres and cultural life in Lublin.

The editorial team cooperates on a regular basis with a a number of feuilletonists : from March 2015 with the director Łukasz Witt-Michałowski and since October 2015  with an actor of J.osterwa Theatre Przemysław Gąsiorwskie who replaced the actor Janusz Łagodziński in this capacity.

“Proscenium”  is distributed around Lublin and can be found, among others, in such cultural institutions as Workshops of Culture, Centre for Culture, Osterwa Theatre,  Old Theatre, H.Ch. Andersen Theatre,  Centre for the Meeting of Cultures as well as in cafes, restaurants,  district community  centres and libraries.

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