About the Project

Music is an art that usually speaks for itself. However, sometimes in order to understand it better it is worthwhile to learn more about the reality and the contexts in which music was composed, to listen to the voices of its authors, writers, lyricists, performers or experts. The Book it! series offers the perfect opportunity to do so.

“Book it! – briefly on music” is a series of meetings with artists,  renowned and unique Polish musicians. We invite authors (writers) and/or the protagonists (musicians)  of  recently published books on music. The pretext and the basis for each meeting is a public discussion about a book  but also about life, culture, music, and people. Every meeting follows its own scenario: sometimes we are  presented with very vivid descriptions of  historical events that our guests experienced at first hand; sometimes we are treated to anecdotes about artistic flamboyance and at  other times we may be offered  poignant and sad stories of their personal experience.  Sometimes, the musicians share with us their recollections of life on tour, bits of wisdom or their reflections on important issues.

As it often happens in  life, some of the guests are very eager to speak. Others need gentle encouragement, some cajoling even, before they eventually loosen their tongues and their free-flowing narratives kick in, leaving us entranced hanging on to their every word.

Each meeting consists of several parts that all together create a kaleidoscopic overview of invited guests, music genres and the history of Polish music. Apart from participating in conversations and discussions, you can watch unique films. Each evening ends with an intimate and incomparable live concert, an unparalleled performance not to be missed for the world.