Carnaval in the press

Lublin’s down town and Ludowy Park are the space, which in June and August will be controlled by circus and street artists. On Saturday the 28th July the longest and the most joyful party in Lublin.

During the last two years the juggling and slightly crazy party managed to accustom the citizens that above their heads there are people walking on a line who participate in Urban highline and on the square and streets they can meet gentlemen in leather thongs or weird firefighters who have things burning in their hands.


Dziennik WschodniCarnaval Sztuk-Mistrzów 2012 (full programme, tickets),  18 July 2012


It is the celebration of ludic culture that has no linguistic boundaries. Once again you will be able to watch the performances on the streets of jugglers, masters of fire theatre, clowns and buskers. And above us on the ropes stretched between the buildings several metres above the ground there will be conjurers walking on. In addition, there will be performances from the “new circus” stream, taking place in the circus tents.

The colourful parade opening the Carnaval will be quite special. This time, the street will welcome not hundreds but even 3 thousand of participants. They will juggle with whatever they find and play on drums.


Gazeta Wyborcza Lublin, Małgorzata Szlachetka, Mega Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrzów. Co się będzie działo?, 1 March 2012


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