About Night of Culture

Night of Culture inspires people to discover Lublin and its unique atmosphere. Art revitalizes the city’s streets and alleys, both known and unknown places.  On Night of Culture museums, theatres and galleries remain open, allowing visitors to fully enjoy culture and draw energy from  Lublin itself.  This one night offers unique events during which artists enter into a dialogue with the public space, citizens and one other in an attempt to create exceptional art pieces that become a fond memory the very next day.

 Night of Culture offers:

  • Art in urban space
  • Unique fusion of arts and artists
  • Art that makes use of modern technologies

The festival was initiated in order to demonstrate the city’s culturual potential,  but over its many subsequent editions it has continued to offer a surprising variety of  new flavours. Every new edition has made us feel increasingly more proud of Lublin. Pumping accumulated artistic energy into  a single night doubles the joy of discovering the  charm of Lublin’s culture.

Night of Culture  leads us to discover the lesser known or less frequented parts of the city.  The energy projected during this exceptional night makes them shine brightly. We believe that this event is the  best way to get to know the city from the perspective of its inhabitants. We want to see the city through their eyes. This is why we invite many of Lublin’s artists, animators, informal groups, organisations and institutions to co-create the event.

Join us for  Night of Culture,  help us create its unique atmosphere and take active part in a cultural feast for all senses.

Read more here:  www.nockultury.pl

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