About the Fair

The Jagiellonian Fair  tempts us with original folk art and beautiful handicrafts, it gathers people who share their passions, it combines tradition with modernity and education with fun. The Jagiellonian Fair are meetings, tales, exhibitions, spectacles, workshops, concerts and the now famous dance parties  under the open night sky. During the Jagiellonian Fair  the streets of the Old Town fill with stalls at which artists and craftsmen from Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus and Lithuania present their handicrafts.  

The Jagiellonian Fair offers:

  • Handicrafts fair
  • Workshops and presentations of traditional arts and crafts
  • Live music and dance parties under the open sky
  • A playground for all generations
  • Meetings, exhibitions, tales.

The Jagiellonian Fair picks up the tradition of 15th and 16th century fairs that drew to Lublin many merchants and artists from all parts of the old Republic of Poland and Europe. It was our Jagiellonian “Golden Age” when Lublin and the Lublin region developed as a multicultural centre of a multiethnic country.  The Fair combines  traditional culture, immaterial and material  legacies of the regional ethnic and religious groups with standards of contemporary products of cultural tourism.

The Jagiellonian Fair was  established in 2007 as a European project promoting shared heritage of the East and the West. Since the first edition of the fair,  we have built a stable platform for cooperation among communities devoted to the traditional arts of Poland , Belarus, Lithuania and Ukrainie. Developing the Jagiellonian Fair further every year, we have been striving to create a European-wide network of cooperation, exchange of experiences and promotion of traditional culture.  Drawing from the experiences of other countries in the area of protecting and promoting national heritage, we strive to make traditional arts a more visible component of contemporary arts and culture. We do not want to let it be confined to museums alone.

This melting pot of  artists and cultures,  as the Fair is best described,  has the capacity to transform cultural, social and geographical differences into material for joint projects and foundation for forging new relationships.  By incorporating artists from various cultures into our multicultural community, we aim to stimulate creative exchange and a sense of belonging to a Euroopean cultural commonwealth. All hitherto meetings of artists during the Fair have led to new projects of cultural exchange among Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Poland.

During the Fair, traditional culture is presented in its authentic forms but also in those enriched with contemporary folklore-inspired elements. Through concerts, spectacles, exhibitions, workshops , crafts presentations and open-air art workshops in public spaces we run a large-scale promotion of traditional culture and endorse learning more about it.

In 2008, the Jagiellonian Fair was awarded the title “Perełka Lubelszczyzny” (Eng. “The Pearl of the Lublin Region”), granted by  the Marshal Office of the Lublin Voivodeship to those projects, which significantly contribute to improving the attractiveness of the Lublin region.

In 2009,  the Jagiellonian Fair received the main prize in the competition organised by the Ministry of Regional Development “Poland even more beautiful – 7 wonders of the European Funds” in the category  “Cross-border and international tourism”. It also received the Polish Tourist Organisation’s Certificate for Tourism Product for the Year 2009.

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