The monthly magazine, dedicated to the exchange of ideas -“kulturaenter.pl” is one of the youngest Polish cultural magazines, reaching for little known, unexplored areas of discourse in Poland.

The magazine has been published since July 2008 by the Centre for Culture in Lublin (and currently Workshops of Culture). Its broad formula includes the following areas of interest: cultural management, architecture and public space, modern theatre and dance, visual arts, performance and new media, social issues, multiculturalism. Having decided to give special attention to Ukraine and Belarus, we are publishing up to date translations of analytical articles from the latest editions of the most important Ukrainian and Belarussian magazines.

The mission of the magazine may be defined in the following way: “global through local, theory through practice, elitism through openness”. This means that we observe the changes in culture, art, social life on specific examples, trying to capture the pragmatic dimension of ideas and, furthermore, form specialist diagnoses using a non-specialist language. By observing how the sphere of a widely defined culture functions nowadays in the Internet, we have come to the conclusion that there is a significant gap between the excess of information (accompanied by the expansion of popular culture) and a narrow specialist channel of its diffusion. We wish to fill this gap – to reach out to a wider readership of a varying degree of immersion in culture, and offer them, both online and in the traditional paper format, a modern and open cultural magazine.

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