About the project

The project is an attempt to transfer the idea of the “Magic Lantern” that has been successful in Switzlerand  (the country has over 70 Magic Lantern clubs)  and 17 other countries of the world over the last 21 years. 

The project is addressed to kids aged 6-12 (elementary school students) and offers audiovisual education for the youngest, and at the same time provides great entertainment.

Nowadays, audiovisual media are the most popular form of communication. Whether on the internet, mobile phones or in video games, information is increasingly communicated through images. This process is especially visible among the young generation, for whom audiovisual media become the basic learning tool.

On the other hand, modern schools are still based on traditional communication and do not put enough emphasis on visual media and parents frequently lack tools for supporting non-formal education in this area. As a result, young people are facing a barrage of images without having tools to understand them  Activities that are a part of this project try to address these problems.

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