“Masterclasses” is an educational  programme focused on selected aspects of traditional culture, aiming at passing on knowledge and skills that are both material and spiritual through classes conducted by traditional culture experts. We have elaborated on selected topics related to traditional singing. The meetings are based on “master-student” relationship, with active participation of both parties. The project aims at familiarizing us with the original form of the phenomenon and showing how traditional singing may function in contemporary world. Further ambition of the project is to spread knowledge about traditional singing.  Through meetings and workshops, we have developed new educational models that will allow us to pass on knowledge about singing and its continuation.

Non formal education for traditional singing  put forward in this project is a programme facilitating learning from renowned experts. On the other hand, we have expanded traditional singing (Polish traditions as well as traditions from a selected European country) that aims at facilitating the acquisition of practical and technical knowledge for anyone who wants to learn more about this topic but have not had any opportunity or possibility to do so.

A comprehensive education of the participants through knowledge and skills increases not only the range of possible activities but also strengthens a sense of cultural identity.

The educational programme focusing on traditional singing consisted of the following parts:

VOCAL WORKSHOPS. The participant take part in vocal workshops conducted by a teacher who implements his/her original methods of teaching traditional singing.

CONSULTATIONS. The participants are able to meet a teacher one on one and work on their own skills.

PRESENTATIONS. At the end of each workshop series dedicated to singing traditions of Poland and another, selected European country, we have organized open meetings presenting the work of two workshop groups. The presentations aim at showing the process both groups went through and a new approach developed throughout the programme.

CONCERTS. Concerts of traditional songs performed by experienced ensembles that have been practising a given tradition for years, aim at showing “good practices”,  and are an opportunity to present  selected music material of a given region both to the programme’s participants and wider audiences.

DEBATE.  The main focus is on the significance and role of traditional singing in formal and non-formal education. The debate puts together methodologies of teaching and working on teaditional singing in Polish traditions with Serbian expertise.

PUBLICATION. After the debate, we will publish a book containing the main thoughts, ideas and concepts of the debate’s participants, experts on traditional singing,  including the knowledge of Polish experts. The publication will focus on traditional singing in Poland, formal and non-formal education systems (original teaching methodologies)  including traditional singing status in Serbia.

“Masterclasses” is a project funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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