The mission of Medialab Workshop is to create a space for the meeting of art, technology and new media. It is going to be a space for artists and individuals interested in using and combining various techniques in artistic work. Medialab Workshop is a kind of studio where using such modern equipment as milling machines or 3d printers we can turn our ideas and projects into concrete, tangible objects, following the advice of experts and other users.

We want to enable meetings between people of various experiences and interests, create a lab for creative experiments, enable testing artistic ideas and creating their prototypes. Basing on the creativity of the artists, the skills of engineers and available technology, in 2017, the year of the Grand Jubilee of granting city rights to Lublin, we will be working on solving various problems of the city, art installations and projects that will promote, comment on the history and specificity of Lublin and we will also create a social music map of the city.


Space: a completely equipped media lab space at Grodzka 5a

Tools: 3d printer and scanner, milling machine, Arduino, digital photography equipment, quadrocopter, music equipment, computers

Knowledge: experts that will help tame new technologies


We are going to have “OPEN THURSDAYS” – every week you can come in and examine a specific case study focusing on a fusion of new technologies and art. The following week you will have a chance to test what you learned in practice, using tools available in the Workshop.

When: every Thursday at 16:00
Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a

Free Event