Miasto Movie – a series of film screenings in Workshops of Culture

We give voice to the city. We give the city its voice(s).

Join us for a series of film screenings entitled “Miasto Movie”, whose punning Polish-English name (“Movie City”, “City Speaks”) refers to the city’s potential and metaphoric speech acts, to the city-themed articulation of the ever changing present. In the movies of our choice, the city is both the background and the protagonist. It is a setting to the stories told and a quiet witness to personal tales. It is also a lively  site that is filled with cinemantic hustle and bustle. The city in our movies is a site where human problems and dramas fuse with great expectations, dreams and triumphs.

In our series, the city speaks a multitude of languages – it communicates with us through sounds and images, through individualised story-telling, through masterful cinematic languages of Terry Gilliam, Federico Fellini, Jim Jarmusch or Wong Kar Wai.

The city, as the subject of our screenings, has many faces – it is beautiful, fierce, radiant, melancholy but always intriguing and brimming with surprising stories to tell.

When: every Wednesday, 19:00

Where: Workshops of Culture

Free Event 

Please note! All movies are screened with original audio and Polish subtitles. Non-English language movies do not have English subtitles.

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