This project is an invitation to make music together, addressed to all enthusiasts of pure traditional music. It aims at popularising the traditional culture of the Lublin region and promoting the idea of learning from the village masters.  The conclusion of the Orchestra’s all-year work is playing at the Jagiellonian Fair nighttime dance parties.  

The project premiered at the Jagiellonian Fair 2014. It was created on the basis of educational projects focused on the performing styles of traditional instrumental music of the Lublin region, executed in the years 2007-2013 by Kapela Braci Dziobaków z Woli Destymflandzkiej (Ewa Grochowska, Krzysztof Butryn, Edyta Piekarczyk).

The Orchestra’s repertoire consists of traditional dance tunes from the Lublin region: polka, oberek, majdaniak, ride tunes, marches, waltzes and foxtrots, taken from archival recordings, family traditions of the orchestra’s leaders; some of the tunes were taught by traditional musicians from the Lublin region (Stanisław Głaz from Dzwola, Bronisław Bida  from Gródki and others).

They draw stylistic inspiration from the music played by famous brass ensembles and orchestras: Kapela Wojciechowska, Brass Orchestra from Zdziłowice or Kapela Bednarzy from Tomaszów Lubelski. The idea behind this experimental socio-musical project is the conviction that traditional music is a medium that can connect all enthusiasts of playing live music, both professionals and amateurs playing by ear, older and younger generations. During the meetings, we mostly do play by ear so in particular, we encourage people who want to develop their musicality and who look for opportunities to practice their skills.  

Music Director: Ewa Grochowska 
Assistance and Cooperation:  Przemysław Łozowski, Maciej Filipczuk, Marcin Kowalczuk

The Jagiellonian Fair Orchestra is an educational project forming part of The Jagiellonian Fair. 

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