About the Project

Culture Volunteer continues the idea of the “European Capital of Culture Volunteer – Lublin 2016” programme that sought to create a network of volunteers working towards the development of Lublin and cooperating with cultural institutions, non-government organisations and artists on a regular basis.

Culture Volunteer is a recurring programme. The themes and types of training and workshops change depending on the needs of the volunteers and cultural institutions as well as on the overall cultural strategy of the city.

Each edition of the programme aims at mobilizing Lublin’s citizens aged 16-75 into action, increase the number of volunteers, establish and expand cooperation with public institutions, administration and organizations which work towards the development of Lublin and the region. We aim to raise interest in volunteering and increase awareness about its importance in building an active civil society. Furthermore, we want to draw attention to the fact that developing Lublin as a strong cultural centre contributes to the overall growth of the city and the region.

The programme includes workshops, trainings and meetings for new volunteers and for cultural animators who work with them. The programme aims to facilitate smooth execution of cultural, educational and social events, raise the level of services in the cultural sector in Lublin and the region. It also aims to find, create and implement new solutions in cultural activity. Furthermore, the programme aims to create opportunities to learn, develop and work for volunteers who wish to contribute to the city’s development. Our programme encourages the citizens of Lublin to actively participate in the cultural life of the city.

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